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The Best Cocktails for Your Next Yachting Trip

Heading out onto the open water with the breeze blowing through your hair is an experience like no other. There is a sense of peace and freedom that comes over you and washes your cares and worries away with the tide. A few cocktails couldn’t hurt either! Whether you are gathering family and friends for […]

Luxurious Celebrity Owned Yachts 

When you are one of the most famous people on the planet, where do you go to get away from it? We mean really get away from it all. It seems as if the prying eyes of the paparazzi are everywhere. For many celebrities, they have turned to the one place where luxury meets the ultimate in […]

Innovative New Yachting Technology

Being in the yachting business, we are always very excited to see the latest trends and technology emerging in the yachting world today. The industry has come a long way from the transportation ships of yesterday to the sleek luxury liners of today. The yachting industry is embracing new technology like never before. The result—innovations […]

Hosting a Corporate Event on a Yacht? Read Our Catering Tips Here

Thinking about hosting your company event on a yacht? ‘s yachts are versatile enough to comfortably host a range of guests, from about 50 to up to 400 people. From a product launch to an employee or client appreciation luncheon, a yacht is an ideal venue for your next corporate party or event. Plus, the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Yacht Wedding

Yachts are one of the most unique venues for hosting weddings because they are elegant, offer scenic views, and provide entertainment and food. If you are considering planning your Chicago wedding on a yacht, this article will give you some tips about how to pull it off and what questions you should ask the chartering […]

Best Lakes for Yacht Charters in the Midwest

One common misconception of the Midwest is that there aren’t many good options for boating or yachting. When people think of taking their boat out, they usually picture a coastline with water that goes out for miles and miles. But there’s plenty of coastline in the Midwest! The huge lakes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and […]

The Top 10 Chicago Sights to See from Lake Michigan

Chicago’s shoreline neighbor, Lake Michigan, provides some of the most breathtaking views of the city. While walking or cycling through Chicago will surely give you a specific perspective of the architectural grandeur of our home, you can’t truly experience Chicago unless you get out on the water. Chicago’s location on the southwestern edge of Lake […]

How to Plan Your Private Yacht Event

When planning any event, there’s always the fear that what you envision will not become reality when the day comes to greet your guests. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of hoping for the best, why not guarantee that it is something special by planning your next event on a private yacht […]

Five Reasons to Choose a Yacht for Your Next Party

An event is only as good as its venue, as event coordinators and veteran party throwers know all too well. You want to set your event apart from others while impressing your guests with a certain amount of class, luxury, and comfort. For many looking for new and exciting venues, chartering a yacht is the […]

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