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What to Bring with You on Your First Yacht Charter

If you’ve always dreamed of setting sail on a yacht in Chicago, now is the time to make it happen. Yacht charters are a great way to explore the city’s skyline and waterways. But before you hit the water, it’s important to know what to bring with you for a safe and enjoyable voyage. This […]

Why a Yacht Tour Will Make Your Next Wedding Anniversary Unforgettable

Anniversaries are special occasions most married couples celebrate. Whether you want to commemorate one year or multiple decades together, you should consider celebrating your next wedding anniversary on a yacht. Yacht tours are unique excursions tailored to your specific needs. You can personalize every aspect of the event for an anniversary party you will never […]

Four Tips for Your First Yacht Charter

If you’re looking to impress a business partner or client or just want to enjoy a truly memorable day with a select few, chartering a yacht could be just the ticket. If you’ve never done it before, your first time likely won’t be your last. Once you charter a yacht, you’ll want to do it […]

Why a Chartered Yacht Will Help You Close The Deal

As an executive, you’re likely always thinking about how to innovate and grow your company. You’re probably having many meetings every week with other executives and employees. So when you have a big meeting where you’re selling the prospect of working with your company or selling your product, you may contemplate when and where to […]

How a Yacht Charter Will Show Your Team What They Mean to You

The holidays are around the corner. The anniversary of your company’s founding is several months away. Employee appreciation day or week is near. Or maybe, for no particular reason, you want to show your employees that you value them. The days of potlucks are gone and a pizza party is much too common to show […]

Best Time of Year for a Chicago Yacht Tour

Anytime is a great time to see the lights and bustle of one of America’s finest cities from a fine luxury yacht. Depending on the time of year you choose, however, you may be able to add new, breathtaking opportunities and experiences to your chartered yacht tour. The founders of are nearing the fifty-year mark […]

How To Accommodate A Yacht Tour For People With All Abilities

If you’re planning a special luxury yacht tour, whether its for your office, for family and friends visiting the Chicago area, or an awards ceremony to honor someone deserving, you want everyone to be able to attend. The comfort and capabilities of all your attendees needs to be considered when planning your event. Keep some […]

Best Ways to Make New Memories on a Yacht Tour

The fond memories that we make with our friends and family stay with us for a lifetime, and they only get better each time we look back on them. When we’re with the people that we care about the most, it’s as if time stands still and nothing else exists. This is even more true […]

How to Make Your Yacht Wedding One to Remember

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in anyone’s life. You want it to be a memorable occasion for your family and friends. Many couples decide to elevate their wedding plans by having their ceremony and reception on a yacht. A yacht provides the picture-perfect backdrop for photos and a unique ambiance to celebrate the […]

How Long Should a Chicago Yacht Tour Last?

Do you enjoy the beautiful architecture, city life, and culture that Chicago has to offer? If so, a yacht tour with might float your boat! At , we offer beautiful views of the windy city as you make your way down the Chicago River in one of our affordable charters. These tours of the river […]

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