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Are you planning a private yacht charter in Chicago? Tipping your crew is an important part of yacht charter etiquette. Knowing how much to tip the yacht crew on your private charter ensures the crew feels appreciated for their hard work. It also helps you avoid an awkward faux pas at the end of your event.

As longtime leaders in Chicago’s yacht charter industry, Anita Dee Yacht Charters wants to help you master proper yacht etiquette. Follow these guidelines to tip your yacht crew appropriately and make your time on the water smooth sailing.

How Much Should You Tip a Yacht Crew?

The industry standard is to tip 15 to 20 percent of your charter cost before taxes and fees. For a four-hour charter on the Anita Dee II, with a base price of $5,200, you would leave a tip of $780 to $1,040.

Consider the length of your charter and the level of service when deciding how much to tip within that range. For longer charters requiring more setup and cleanup time, lean toward 20 percent. The same goes for yacht crews that go above and beyond. Did your captain expertly navigate tricky weather conditions? Did your stewards provide five-star service? Let your gratuity reflect your appreciation.

Tipping your yacht crew generously not only shows your gratitude but also helps ensure top-notch service on future charters. Yacht crews often remember good tippers and go the extra mile to impress them on their next cruise. Fair tips help yacht companies attract and retain the most skilled, experienced crews – which means a better experience for you and your guests.

What Happens if You Don’t Tip on a Yacht?

Unlike some restaurants, where the business adds automatic gratuity for large parties, your yacht charter does not include tips in your charter fees. Failing to tip would be like dining and dashing – not cool. Skipping the tip is a huge yachting faux pas.

Your crew works hard to make your event special. They assist with setup and cleanup, help guests on and off the yacht, serve food and drinks, and keep the yacht spotless. Meanwhile, your captain bears the immense responsibility of safely operating the vessel. Tipping is how you thank them.

Not tipping your yacht crew is disrespectful. It suggests you may be dissatisfied with your service. If you have serious complaints about your experience, raise them with the yacht company. Don’t take them out on your crew by withholding a tip.

Skipping the tip can also lead to awkwardness if you book with the same yacht company again. Your crew may remember your party didn’t tip last time and be less motivated to provide top-tier service. Avoid this uncomfortable situation by always tipping your crew appropriately.

How Much Do You Tip for Private Boat Tours?

Should you tip for a briefer yacht-based tour or sightseeing cruise? Follow the same 15 to 20 percent rule you would for a more extended charter. Tour crews also deserve recognition for their service and hospitality.

Some tour operators build gratuity into their ticket prices. Check when booking to see if yours does. But if you experience service that leaves you grinning from ear to ear, feel free to hand your crew an extra cash tip. They’ll certainly appreciate it.

Even if your sightseeing cruise only lasts an hour or two, your crew works hard to make it memorable. They share fascinating facts about the sights, snap frame-worthy photos of you and your group, and ensure your safety and comfort onboard. Show your thanks for their efforts with a proper tip.

Does the Captain Get a Tip on a Yacht?

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Tips are split evenly among the entire crew, including your captain. You don’t need to tip the captain separately from the rest of the crew.

However, if your captain does something extraordinary, like salvaging your overboard wedding ring or expertly docking under harsh conditions, an extra $50 to $100 for them is a thoughtful gesture. Hand it directly to the captain in addition to the standard gratuity you leave for the whole crew.

Your captain plays a crucial role in your yacht charter experience. They plot the perfect route for breathtaking views while avoiding rough water. They navigate tricky harbors and rivers with ease. They bear ultimate responsibility for the vessel’s safety and that of everyone onboard. Tipping your captain as part of the crew gratuity, plus a little extra for exceptional service, is always appreciated.

Put Yacht Tipping Etiquette into Practice

Now that you’re feeling more confident about how much to tip on a yacht charter, you’re ready to put your etiquette into practice. Let Anita Dee Yacht Charters help you plan an unforgettable event on Lake Michigan or the Chicago River. Contact us today at (312) 379-3191 to begin planning your private yacht charter. We look forward to delivering an outstanding experience for you and your guests

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