Where Can You Legally Scatter Ashes in Lake Michigan

Losing a loved one brings immense grief. Many find solace in honoring their memory by scattering their ashes in a meaningful place. For those in the Chicago area wondering where you can legally scatter ashes, Lake Michigan provides a beautiful resting place to celebrate the life of someone special. This guide covers the key things you need to know.

Can you spread ashes anywhere in Illinois?

No, you cannot simply spread ashes anywhere you want in Illinois. The state has regulations around scattering remains. However, you do have options, especially when it comes to large bodies of water like Lake Michigan.

According to the Illinois Cremation Act, with the owner’s permission, you may scatter ashes on your private property or on someone else’s private land. You need authorization from the governing body or agency for public lands and waterways.

Can human ashes be scattered anywhere?

Most states generally allow you to scatter ashes in uninhabited public areas like forests but not near roads, trails, or facilities. For lakes, rivers, and oceans, you can generally scatter ashes if you follow the federal Clean Water Act. This means scattering at least three nautical miles from land and notifying the EPA within 30 days.

Where can I scatter ashes in Chicago?

Lake Michigan provides a picturesque setting to honor a loved one near Chicago. You can scatter ashes in Lake Michigan as long as you follow a few guidelines:

  • Scatter ashes at least 500 yards (1500 feet) from shore and any beaches, docks or piers. Windy days work well for dispersing the ashes.
  • Do not scatter ashes in harbors, near swimming areas, or in smaller cove-like areas with limited water circulation.
  • Avoid scattering in waterways used as sources of drinking water.
  • Use an urn or container designed to scatter ashes, not made of plastic. Fully empty the container of all ashes so nothing washes up on shore.
  • Consider the wind direction and boat traffic so the ashes don’t blow back at you or other vessels. Avoid congested boating areas.
  • Scattering ashes does not require any permits on Lake Michigan, but you must follow the above rules.

For many, scattering by boat provides a meaningful ceremony. Charter boats for scattering ashes or private boat hire for scattering ashes can take you out on the lake for a service. Captains experienced with ash scattering ceremonies understand the regulations and help make it a smooth, legal process.

How much does it cost to scatter ashes at sea?

Where Can You Legally Scatter Ashes in Lake MichiganCosts vary based on the size and duration of the charter. Generally, budget at least a few hundred dollars for a smaller ash-scattering boat charter on Lake Michigan. Larger groups, catered services, or longer trips cost more.

Some charter companies have package options for ash scattering that may include amenities like flowers, music, catering, or videography. Discuss your specific wishes with the boat charter to get an accurate quote.

For a more economical option, you could rent a boat and pilot it yourself to a legal scattering location. Boat rentals generally start around $200-400 for a few hours. Make sure you understand the boat operation and have a plan for conducting the scattering.

Can you scatter ashes in a lake? Is it illegal to spread ashes in Michigan?

Yes, you can legally scatter ashes in most lakes, including the Michigan portions of Lake Michigan, as long as you follow the regulations. Michigan also allows scattering on private property with permission and uninhabited public land.

The key rules for Lake Michigan ash scattering in either state:

  • Scatter ashes at least 500 yards (1500 feet) from any shoreline, including beaches, docks, piers, and harbors. This distance ensures the ashes disperse properly and don’t wash up on shore.
  • Avoid scattering in crowded boating areas, marinas, or navigational channels. Choose a quieter spot away from congestion and boat traffic for a more private ceremony.
  • Use an urn or container specifically designed for scattering ashes, not a plastic bag or temporary box. Scatter all the ashes from the container, ensuring it’s empty, so nothing washes up on shore later.
  • In both Illinois and Michigan, you do not need a special permit or license to scatter ashes in Lake Michigan. However, you must follow the above guidelines and other applicable state regulations.
  • Inform your boat captain or charter company that you plan to scatter ashes. They can help you find an appropriate location and guide you through the process legally and respectfully.

Following these key rules and guidelines, you can plan a meaningful, legal ash scattering ceremony on Lake Michigan to honor your loved one. The caring team at Anita Dee Yacht Charters is here to answer any other questions about scattering ashes and help guide you through this process. Reach out to us at (312) 379-3191 for compassionate support.

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