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Why a Chartered Yacht Will Help You Close The Deal

As an executive, you’re likely always thinking about how to innovate and grow your company. You probably have many meetings every week with other executives and employees.

So when you have a big meeting where you’re selling the prospect of working with your company or selling your product, you may contemplate when and where to meet with your future business partner or prospective client. Maybe you usually take these meetings at an upscale restaurant or business lounge. Or maybe it’s common for you to hit the green and discuss business over a round of golf.

But what about chartering a yacht? Here’s why a yacht may be the perfect venue for you to make the sale or close the deal.

Change of Scenery

Your future business partners or clients might be familiar with being wined and dined by executives seeking their business or patronage. If you want your meeting to be remembered, maybe a change of scenery could underscore your meeting in the executive’s or client’s minds.

Even a colorful establishment with the finest fish and steak can seem ordinary to other business executives. Think about the number of times you’ve met at a restaurant for a lunch meeting or even gone to dinner at a restaurant with friends. When you’re seeking someone’s business, you want to stand out.

Nothing stands out more than the scenery and views from a yacht. You can pitch your company to your future business partner or client while sailing past the beautiful Chicago skyline. The bustling city and its beautiful skyscrapers can be a symbol of success — success that you want to convince your potential business partner or client is all but certain if they go into business with you.

Something to Talk About

When you’re first meeting your prospective business partner or client, you may not want to jump immediately into your sales pitch or start discussing the highlights of your business right out of the gate. Of course, you’ll exchange pleasantries. But beyond that, when you’re on a Anita Dee Yacht Charters yacht in Chicago, you have a built-in topic of conversation. You can discuss the beauty of the sights you see across the water.


It’s hard to discuss numbers and private or proprietary details about your company when you’re squeezed into a room in the corner of a restaurant with other patrons sitting at tables within earshot of you and your guests, especially if it’s a lunch-time or dinner-time meeting when restaurants can be their busiest. Even a conference room at a hotel lacks privacy, not to mention that tendency to feel cold and impersonal.

A chartered yacht will provide you with the privacy you need where you can discuss your business in the middle of the Chicago River. You can be certain who will be within earshot of your pitch on our exclusive yacht, where you and your guests will have the entire vessel to yourselves.

Commitment to Closing the Deal

There’s nothing more impressive than chartering a yacht to woo your prospective business partners or clients. Hosting your meeting or corporate event on a yacht shows that you’ve prepared and planned for this meeting and that you take earning their business or patronage seriously. From the elegant decor to the classy entertainment to the gourmet food, it will appear as if you’ve spared no expense. And sometimes, the impression you make is worth just as much as what you say.

Why Charter Our Yachts

Anita Dee Yacht Charters is the top yacht charter in Chicago. If you want your organization’s or company’s name to be synonymous with luxury, look no further than Anita Dee Yacht Charters.

Over three decades ago, Tony Difiglio recognized there was a need for a luxury yacht chartering service in Chicago after renting yachts to host events for his own business clients. He first purchased one of our 90-foot yachts and named it after his wife, christening it the Anita Dee I. Ten years later, the Difiglios’s yacht charter was so successful, and demand was growing on such a large scale that they expanded their business by building a new and bigger, 140-foot-long yacht from scratch. This yacht was aptly named the Anita Dee II.

Both Tony and Anita obtained their Charter Boat Captain’s licenses from the Coast Guard and have dedicated their lives to providing high-class entertainment and service on their yachts. Today, Anita Dee Yacht Charters serves thousands of guests every year aboard their yachts docked in the center of downtown Chicago. The family-owned and operated business has been helping people, organizations, and companies host memorable, fully-customizable events at affordable prices for decades. Beautiful scenery combined with top-notch hospitality, service, and impeccable catered gourmet food make Anita Dee Yacht Charters the perfect venue for your event.

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