When many people think of summer vacation, they envision themselves lying on a sandy beach soaking up the sun, along with hundreds of other people on the beach doing the same thing. However, these are not normal times. Your precious free time could be spent with your closest family and friends in a much more safe and relaxing setting aboard a chartered yacht from Anita Dee Yacht Charters.

Not only is sailing one of the safest summer activities you can indulge in this year, but it is also good for the mind, body, and soul. Being out in open water and enjoying all of the beautiful sights and sounds can provide the peace of mind you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Sailing on a gorgeous yacht surrounded by water is also a powerful means to boost creativity and mindfulness. So many well-known creative minds have turned to sailing on yachts as a way to clear their minds for new ideas to flourish. Summertime yachting has been a pastime for innovative artists such as Dr. Dre and Steven Spielberg, to world-changing entrepreneurs like Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Your Private Summer Getaway

Start your summer off right with a chartered yachting trip. Everyone deserves a break after making it through those bitterly cold winter months, and a day on the water is a fantastic way to set the pace for a productive and enjoyable summer season.

Spending a summer day offshore is a way to ensure a relaxing and fun time will be had by all. Avoid the hustle and bustle of the mainland and sail away on a chartered yacht filled with food, drinks, and good people.

And if you need an additional excuse to escape to the water this summer, consider spending your Labor Day sailing on Lake Michigan and taking in some of the most beautiful sights Chicago and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Amenities and Entertainment on Your Summer Yacht Escape

Ideally, we here at Anita Dee Yacht Charters would love to take care of anything you may need on your summer yacht excursion, but there are a few arrangements you should make before setting sail:


If you’re planning to be out on the water for more than just a couple of hours, you should expect people on board to get hungry.

Anita Dee Yacht Charters provides a long list of reputable catering companies that we are happy to work with to make your summer yachting trip even more delicious. If your ideal catering company didn’t make a list, don’t worry! We are happy to accommodate any licensed and insured caterers, and nearly any arrangements you may want to make when it comes to food and beverage service.


What’s sailing without some music to accompany all of the other wonderful, aesthetically pleasing aspects of the open water? If you are in charge of organizing a corporate event or a large family party, we are here to help. Anita Dee Yacht Charters’s fleet of modern yachts is complete with the best sound systems available to accommodate your chosen DJ or band.

We also provide a list of some of our favorite entertainment companies in the area. However, feel free to organize your own entertainment, which we would be happy to work with to ensure everyone has an unforgettable time on your chartered yacht.


Whether you are celebrating a summer holiday, wedding rehearsal, birthday, or anything in between, you will want the perfect chartered yacht setting.

Although Chicago’s breathtaking skyline is a treat for all of the senses, being surrounded by gorgeous floral arrangements will only make it better. Check out Anita Dee Yacht Charters’s list of exceptional florists in the Chicago area to be sure your chartered yacht is as beautiful as the city skyline itself.

Summer Yachting Destinations

The Chicago area and Lake Michigan provide some of the most beautiful vistas at any time of year. But enjoying those views on a chartered yacht in the warm summer air is an exquisite experience. Here are some destinations offering beautiful views:

Northerly Island

Home to some of Chicago’s most notable architectural achievements like the Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium, Northerly Island is a must-see on the Lake Michigan shore. Here you can also catch a glimpse of Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears have played all of their home games since the early 1920s.

Navy Pier

Aside from Willis Tower, Navy Pier is among the most iconic destinations along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Sailing to the pier to watch the sunset provides a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline as you watch the sun melt over the horizon, providing the perfect end to an evening on the water.

The 31st Street Beach

The shoreline beaches where Chicago meets Lake Michigan offer fantastic views of the city skyline and seemingly endless lake.

The 31st Street Beach, also known as the Margaret T. Burroughs Beach, is home to breathtaking views of Chicago’s skyline from the south at any time day or night. Sailing along the coastline from north to south will give you a renewed appreciation of Chicago’s beauty from a different point of view.

Grant Park

Should you choose to continue sailing north beyond Northerly Island, Grant Park will begin to open up before your eyes. This 300-acre public park is home to some of Chicago’s most historic buildings and attractions such as the Buckingham Fountain and Cloud Gate Sculpture.

The Perfect Summer Retreat

Summer is here, and the vast Lake Michigan waters are calling your name. Be sure to get in touch with the experienced yachting professionals at Anita Dee Yacht Charters by calling (312) 379-3191 and plan your luxury chartered yacht escape today.

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