Recently, there has been a renewed push towards becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint. From biodegradable straws to electric cars, the future is looking green. While there is no plan to return to the days of wooden ships, plant-based ropes, and canvas sails, the yachting industry is taking the eco-movement seriously. Sustainable material options and advances in new technology are making the transition to more environmentally friendly yachts a reality.

That green future is looking brighter and more exciting than ever. Here are some of the eco-friendly advancements that have us at Anita Dee Yacht Charters bristling for more.

New Power for a New Day

Many of today’s yachts are powered by large diesel engines that, of course, consume diesel fuel. While the diesel engines of today are far cleaner and more efficient than those of decades past, they are still powered by fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource. However, the rise in new technology is giving birth to a wide variety of superyachts that are taking advantage of new and more sustainable sources of power.

Yachts utilizing solar panels are already sailing the high seas. These yachts may be eco-friendly and harness the power of the sun, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on luxury. One solar-powered yacht boasts a salon, six staterooms, and unlimited cruising potential. What’s more, because the yacht doesn’t have to house a massive diesel engine, it has more living space available, and there is no engine vibration.

Solar isn’t the only way to go green, though. Engineers are also busy dreaming up ways to use hydrogen to power the superyachts of tomorrow. Advances in technology are making hydrogen fuel cells a more feasible option than they once were. Hydrogen power works through chemical reactions. Pressurized hydrogen interacts with oxygen and creates electricity, although the storage capacity needed for hydrogen can be enormous. One Dutch design studio circumvented this problem by using liquid hydrogen in its design. Although hydrogen-powered yachts are only in the planning and prototype phases, continued advancements in technology are making these ships a more realistic option every day.

Battery-powered superyachts are also on the horizon. Although still in the concept phase, the Ultra2 is billed as a battery-powered, luxury eco-yacht. Again, “eco” doesn’t mean skimping on extravagance. The ship will have space for 14 passengers and 26 crew members, has two pools, an Imax theatre, and room for a helicopter and rescue boat.

While we wait for some of these exciting new technologies to manifest, some yachts are going the way of the car and turning hybrid. These hybrids use both electrical and diesel systems working together to sail the world. The sheer size of a yacht and the power it takes to propel one means that achieving this feat was not easy. There is a delicate balance to uphold, but combining the two systems is showing people that yachts can evolve and that progress is possible.

Sustainable Upgrades

While the power source is a major concern, there are other components of yachts that are getting an eco-friendly upgrade. Take, for example, decking material. Teak has been a popular wood for yacht decks because, while beautiful, it is also extremely durable, water-resistant, pest-resistant, and even rot resistant. However, many species of teak are becoming endangered. The plant is slow to grow, and over-harvesting is threatening teak’s continued survival. This means it’s not a sustainable option.

Lignia is an engineered radiata pine softwood that both appears and functions like a hardwood. Although it looks like teak, it is a much more sustainable option that can handle the rigors of sea life. Switching out an endangered wood for a more environmentally friendly option is just one of the ways that yachts are getting an eco-friendly makeover.

Another way that yachts are getting the green treatment is through the installation of drinking water filtration systems. Sure, plastic water bottles are convenient and easy to carry, but compact water filtration units that can filter out bacteria, pesticides, metals, and microplastics are a much more environmentally friendly option. This gives guests clean and fresh tasting water while limiting the amount of plastic waste on the ship. One way to make this idea fun is to customize reusable water bottles, glasses, or tumblers for the yacht. Everyone can have their own little piece of sustainable luxury.

Upgrades don’t always have to be expensive or extravagant. Even small upgrades and changes in the way yachts collect and dump waste or take advantage of local, sustainable products while in port can make a significant difference. The yacht of tomorrow may be on the horizon, but how we use products and treat the environment today paves the way for those bold innovations.

Looking to the Future

Anita Dee Yacht Charters may be the premier private yacht charter company of Chicago, but we are always interested in what the future of yachting holds. Technological advancements in the industry may start with the superyachts, but eventually, these advancements trickle down the line, and it makes watching progress in the industry fascinating. We are always interested in how these green advancements may help bolster the experiences that we may eventually pass along to our Chicago guests.

At Anita Dee Yacht Charters, giving people exceptional experiences is what we do best. From weddings to corporate events, if you want to make an impression, Anita Dee Yacht Charters is the way to do it. We help you create an unforgettable experience on the water while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights. If you are ready to make memories that you’ll never forget, put your trust in the team that has over 31 years of experience. Trust Anita Dee Yacht Charters.

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